iPhone VS Android: Which is the one for you?

If you are considering buying a new smartphone today, there is a high chance that you will either choose Apple’s IOS or Google’s Android mobile operating systems because they are dominant. However, Microsoft has started manufacturing Windows Phone while Blackberry is also making android devices too. There are numerous factors you need to consider to determine the android system to choose between IOS and Android systems. Some of the factors include:

The first thing you need to consider is your budget. Apple has been offering good prices but the iPhone X took things to another new level because its starting price was $1,000. Other models such as iPhone 8 plus and iPhone 8 start from $800 and $700 respectively. On the other hand, Android is affordable for most people because there are numerous low-cost handsets from different manufacturers. In addition, most Android apps are free, unlike iPhone apps which you have to buy from their store. This makes android an outright winner in this category.

Google play apps have about 3.5 million apps while iOS have about 2.2 million apps. Considering the number of apps is not the best approach because most people use only a handful of these apps and the most popular ones are on both platforms. However, IOS leads the way here because the best mobile apps first land on IOS before they are available on Android play store. In normal circumstances, quality will always beat quantity.

App store
With millions of apps, it is quite difficult to organize them perfectly. But, the Apple store has managed to redesign their store to provide a better browsing experience, especially with curated recommendations. Nevertheless, is easier to search, queue and install apps from the web Brower using your PC or your laptop. Apple store has a better usability than Android store because it is stricter and blocks certain types of apps. By considering usability and curated content, Apple app store offers the best service.

Battery life and charging
Battery life and charging play an important role when it comes to choosing a smartphone. Although IOS system is able to squeeze the most out of your battery per mAh rating, Android smartphones can have a bigger battery that can last longer than that of an iPhone. The two operating systems offer power saving modes and battery percentage. When it comes to charging, both devices offer fast charging and wireless charging too. But, Android has an advantage because the chargers are included in the box while on iPhone you will have to buy the fast charging adapter separately.

Apple operating system offers consistent and timely updates as well as security patches. Therefore, almost 90% of IOS devices are running on the latest version. In contrast, only a few Android devices (less than 1%) are running on the latest operating system. This gives IOS an upper hand because they have timely and consistent updates.

Ideally, what is best for you when it comes to choosing a smartphone is mainly determined by your preference and taste. If you can be able to afford an IOS, it has more benefits than android devices although there are android systems which have similar features just like an IOS.